On Instant Philosophers In The Social Media Age

There is an adage that goes with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter that says “I don’t care about what you had for lunch” or something similar. Many people talk about how social media has caused a problem of over-share. While I think this is true, is there still anything that can be gleaned from it? Not just from the page of a politician or a religious leader one likes and follows, but in the world of over-share are there still worthwhile ideas out there?

One might ponder the question for a moment, many will be quick to answer no rather flatly, but I believe there is something else that comes out of social networking. Of course there are sites such as LinkedIn that take social networking on a very serious level, although people are using all types of social networking platforms for both business and personal pursuits, but if one can get through the drudge of information about what someone’s kid said at the dinner table or a video of a dog dancing that one’s friends just think is too cute, I believe one will find a wealth of gold on social networking sites and not just from esteemed personalities, but from the everyman.

Everyone has ideas. This is an universal fact of life. Some better than others. Some complicated while others painfully simple. The fact still remains. The reason social networks are so big (and why people, myself included, blog) is that people want to be heard. I have noticed that not only does social networking lend itself to sharing quotes and ideas from the world’s finest thinkers, some of the best I have seen come from my connections themselves. Formal education teaches that there have been in the past (and depending on how liberal the institution, perhaps a few in the present) people who have had some great ideas or at least thought provoking ones. While this is true,I have been more inspired by friends than I have from some of the “great thinkers.”

As all philosophers have morals to their stories, here is mine. We live in a day of instant philosophers. In a matter of seconds anyone can share an idea with the world. In a moment, I will hit the publish button on my screen and I will have shared mine. Not everything shared on the internet is good or noteworthy, but if one can sift through the dirt, gems are to be found. People want to be heard and it is humanity’s job to listen. And if you listen to the wind close enough, you just might hear a song.


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